L.G.C. is part of a family group founded more than 80 years ago with a turnover of over 8,5 M€ with 60% done abroad.

We produce an average of 1 million pieces per day with 65 employees and 3 subsidiaries in Germany, Spain and the United States.


L.G.C is specialized in the production of cylindrical fasteners and assembly elements in mass production.

  • Pins (grooved, ground, spring, knurled,…)
  • Intervis® Self-tapper inserts
  • Bushes / precision tubes / spacer rings (ground hollow bushes, compression limiters, threaded inserts)

50% of our production is for the automotive industry : Ford, Renault, PSA, BMW, Bosch, ZF-TRW, Magna-Getrag, and also general industries like Siemens, Schneider Electric, SEB, Somfy.

We manufacture customized products with more than 6 000 references based on standardized processes for cost optimization. All parts are 100% sorted at each stage of production.

L.G.C is certified ISO14001 – ISO/TS 16949 – OHSAS 18001 et Q1 Ford.



Grooved pins

Grooved pins

Screw-serts / Self-tapper

Screw-serts / Self-tapper inserts

Bushes / Precision tubes / spacer rings

Bushes / Precision tubes / spacer rings

Our grooved pins axles, and nails manufactured with a home-made process offer fixations in all application areas. They provide a rational solution for all your needs in field of assembly, connection, articulation, driving, immobilization in rotation or in translation.

Our screw-serts® are metallic inserts composed by a normalized threaded and an appropriate external. They offer a high pull-out in plastics and soft metals providing indefinite screwing and unscrewing possibilities.

Our bushes, precision tubes, spacer rings (ground hollow bushes, compression limiters, threaded inserts) are designed for centring and precise aligment of components. They offer a perfect fit. Their cylindrical shape avoids any risk of entanglement. Our specific means of production allow us to guarantee a quality level close to 0 PPM.